Diane Wright artist - graphite pencil drawings
Diane Wright artist - graphite pencil drawings
I have had the opportunity to do a number of unique and wonderful commissions. Each one holds something special.

I listen to my clients' stories and their expressions about the subject to be drawn, as I want to capture the essence and spirit of the object or person.

While I prefer to take my own photographs of the subjects, this is not always possible and I can usually work from your own. Please contact me to discuss your ideas for your drawing or, to request a quote for a commission, please describe the project and submit a photo reference (optional) for pricing details →

Thank you......

~ Sales tax ~
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~ Home Portraits, Farmsteads and Historical Sites ~
Home Portrait
This beautiful stone home is located in a suburb of Des Moines. It is surrounded by mature trees that framed the house beautifully. My goal is to achieve just enough detail to show off it’s elegance but not too much detail to lose the freshness of the pencil stroke.
Family Farmstead
I enjoy doing commissions for people. But when the subject matter includes a old family farmstead, it is even more enjoyable. This one is no exception! What a beautiful barn and a wonderful gift from a daughter to her mother. This was drawn from two separate photos combining elements from both and adding a garden to create the original barn from the past.
Saskatchewan School House
Drawn from photos taken by the client. This abandoned schoolhouse is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Although the windows were all boarded up in the photo, the client asked for them to be opened up and a Canadian flag added. My client goes hunting in this area and presented a print to each of his hunting buddies and to his Canadian hosts.

~ Portraits ~

This drawing is of two young cousins that shared so much together.

Capturing that moment into a drawing was a real pleasure!
In Loving Memory
Dedicated to my parents.
~ Pet Portraits ~
Here is a response from my client’s niece who received this portrait drawing of her dog ‘Murphy’:

“It’s absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how much it looks like Murphy. It captures the way his hair falls and everything! Not only that, but it captures the look on his face! I have never seen a picture drawn so much like the real thing. It looks exactly like him!”